Discover Australia with a Travel/Tourist Visa

Dreaming of exploring the vast landscapes, unique wildlife, and vibrant cities of Australia? Whether it's a sun-soaked holiday or catching up with family, a Travel/Tourist Visa is your golden ticket to unforgettable Australian memories.

What is a Travel/Tourist Visa?

  • Temporary Stay: Perfect for short escapades, this non-immigrant visa allows you to experience Australia temporarily.
  • Validity: Although a 3-month stay is most common, visas can be valid for up to 1-3 years. Options for both single entry or multiple visits are available.
  • Extend Your Adventure: Love it so much you want to stay a bit longer? You can often extend your visit by lodging a new application.

Key Points to Remember

  • No Work, Just Play: This visa is strictly for relaxation and recreation. Holders are prohibited from working or diving into commercial activities.
  • Resources Matter: Ensure you have adequate resources for your Aussie adventure; you'll need to show you're visiting as a genuine tourist.
  • Special Cases: Parents and partners of Australian citizens or permanent residents might enjoy extended stays up to a year.
  • Conditions Apply: Occasionally, visa conditions may prevent onshore reapplications.

Eager to Experience Australia?

Make the most of your holidays, visit your beloved family, or simply unwind in the beautiful surroundings of Down Under. Begin your Australian journey on the right foot with a Travel/Tourist Visa.

If you wish to know more or need guidance in visa preparations, contact our friendly team today.

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